Workshop: Algorave
11 Oct | 11:00

Algorave is short for "algorithmic rave”, an event where live coders work in front of an audience to create danceable music generated from algorithms. Two central figures from the scene are Renick Bell and Miri Kat, who team up with Krakow’s Geek Girls Carrots to give a workshop on how to code music live. Workshop participants will learn the TidalCycles library for the Haskell programming language. Knowledge of Haskell is not required to join the workshop. Participants will also have the possibility to enjoy five minutes of coding fame at the Unsound club night in Hotel Forum later that night.

Entries will be accepted until 30th September:

PURO Hotel Kraków Kazimierz
Halicka 14a, Kraków, Poland
  • Renick Bell
  • Miri Kat
Geek Girls Carrots