Roly Porter & MFO
present Kistvaen feat. Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska, Agata Harz & Barbara Wilińska

Roly Porter & MFO present a new A/V performance piece Kistvaen, co-commissioned by Unsound, Atonal and Mira. Exploring the ways our pagan roots and technology driven present are inextricably interwoven, the work contrats primordial motifs - elements and seasons, sun and moon, gods and magic - with that of the 21st century - life in designed environments and an evolving virtual existence. Roly Porter’s music blurs the boundaries between field recording, folk instrumentation and digital sound processing. The Unsound show will feature Polish vocalists Katarzyna Smoluk-Moczydłowska, Agata Harz and Barbara Wilińska, drawing on Slavic traditions.