John Tilbury & Robert Piotrowicz

John Tilbury is a celebrated British pianist who specializes in contemporary music, best known for his interpretations of Morton Feldman, Cornelius Cardew, John Cage and Tomasz Sikorski, among others. Tilbury is also one of the most prominent artists on the free improv scene. He has been a member of the seminal group AMM since the 80s, and collaborated with fellow band members Keith Rowe and Eddie Prévost on many other occasions. His immense discography also incudes recordings with Franz Hausinger, Sachiko M, Oren Ambarchi, Marcus Schmickler and a lauded piano concerto "Hands of the Caravaggio" with the full MIMEO lineup. He appeared at Unsound as a surprise artist together with Polish electroacustic musician Robert Piotrowicz, playing a homage to Tomasz Sikorski, minimalist composer, largely unnoticed during his short and turbulent life.