Julius Eastman & Tomasz Sikorski

African-American Julius Eastman was one of the first minimalist composers to include elements of popular music in his pieces, which were often given a political context via their titles. Poland’s Tomasz Sikorski is a cult composer amongst a younger generation of Polish music lovers, regarded to be the the nation’s first minimalist. Their respective music was brought together by Warsaw label Bôłt Records and the release "Unchained", which not links the composers via aesthetic connections in their work, but also their biographies. Both died age 49 - Sikorski in 1988, Eastman in 1990; both led troubled lives that spiraled out of control; both are experiencing posthumous rediscovery. The works on “Unchained” are performed by the Lutosławski Piano Duo, Joanna Duda and Mischa Kozłowski. This group of pianists will perform Eastman's "Evil Nigger" and "Gay Guerilla", as well as Sikorski's "Listening Music' and "Diaphony".

Tomasz Sikorski's photo © Andrzej Zborski. Used with Polskie Wydawnictwo Muzyczne consent.

Unchained Oct 11 | 19:00