Adrian Piasecki:

"The thing that impressed me the most was a certain page in my fifth grade Geography textbook. While preparing to a test, I've encountered a b&w, grainy picture of the landscape in Norilsk, Russia. It was meant to illustrate the notion of permafrost and the difficulties that it causes to the construction of housing estates and industrial areas. The picture showed a couple of sheds with their foundations elevated and some factory chimneys, it was so blurry (hence unclear), that it was impossible to see any further details. Besides landscape, the view comprised of masses of mud, resembling that familiar slush. It brings out the my feelings of cosiness and warmth."

Adam Frankiewicz:

"I remember a broad dark alley in 1992. I was walking close to the walls of buildings, it was in winter, and the streets were illuminated only by the lights from shop windows. A little consignment store under the arcades that's now a one-painting gallery was selling a bunch of tapes with red photocopied covers. The crowd surrounding the sale of pirated copies was huge. Me and my father waited really long to get our hands into the box with them. All I was afraid was an error while playing it through. During those 15 minutes of waiting I've encountered the electronic sounds for the first time."

Night Vision Oct 17 | 21:00