Rabit & Kuedo

Rabit is truly a unique name on the grime scene, hailing not from UK but from the USA. He appeared first on Ben Aqua's #Feelings label, which also released Lotic and Ynfynyt Scroll. Rabit went on to record with Riko Dan on Glacial Sound, then finally found a home for his fractured beats on Tri Angle. Kuedo started in seminal dubstep outfit Vex'd but made his name as a solo artist with the excellent "Severant" in 2011, combining bladerunneresque aesthetics with footwork. His recent actvities include a new imprint named Knives, proving that he is still forward thinking when it comes to electronic sounds. Rabit & Kuedo will join forces at Unsound to premiere a brand new live show commissioned by the festival.

Night Vision Oct 17 | 21:00