Panel: The Ways of White Folk: Polish Views of the African-American Musical Legacy
15 Oct | 13:00

free admission

Referencing Harlem Renaissance writer Langston Hughes, The Ways of White Folk addresses recent Polish interpretations of African-American works on the LPs “Unchained”, featuring Julius Eastman’s “Evil Nigger”, and Raphael Roginski’s “Plays John Coltrane and Langston Hughes”, both on Bôłt. The Wire’s Chris Bohn aska guitarist Roginski and US composer/performer Matana Roberts: what happens when European avant gardists tap into the revolutionary legacy of a different culture forged in another time and place? Antoni Michnik from Bôłt will also be included in the discussion.

Pałac Krzysztofory
Rynek Główny 35
  • Matana Roberts
  • Raphael Rogiński