Leyland Kirby

Leyland Kirby is a man of many faces, whose work has had a lasting impact on the sound and ideas of contemporary electronic music. V/Vm covered many bases and was pioneering in the way it hacked up and deconstructed pop music, whilst flaunting copyright laws, but releases under The Caretaker, The Stranger and Leyland Kirby indicate how wide his sound is, from ambient to noise. Throughout it all is an obsession with memory, decay and loss - The Caretaker, in particular, explores these ideas in a unique, haunting way, becoming perhaps his best loved project. Under the explicit direction of controversial Polish director Jan Klata, Kirby has twisted Klata's scoring vision, creating a subliminal absurdist musical nonsense for the new theatre adaptation of "Ubu The King", co-produced by Unsound with Narodowy Stary Teatr, to premiere at Unsound and afterward feature in the theatre's annual season.