Place of Dead Roads
16 Oct | 19:00


Largely working under the radar, Norway’s Deathprod has been influential in formulating a dark ambient palette so present in current music. He presents the seminal album “Treetop Drive” at Unsound with the following lineup: Helge Sten - audio virus, Hans Magnus Ryan - violin, Pekke Stokke - visuals, Christian Obermayer – sound. “Snowtown: Live”, developed by composer Jed Kurzel in collaboration with Unsound, is a live performance with band of Kurzel’s ominous, hypnotic score to the film “Snowtown”, which tells the true story of a series of murders that took place in Australia in the 1990s. In a 45-minute piece, Marcel Weber (aka MFO) crafts live visuals from unused footage taken during the making of the film.

Kijów Centrum
Krasińskiego 34
  • Deathprod
  • Jed Kurzel’s Snowtown: Live
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