The 8th Day of the Week
19 Oct | 19:00


Craig Leon performs his groundbreaking synth record “Nommos” live, the embodiment of new age’s unexpected punk past. “Nommos” was originally intended to be orchestral, and at Unsound will be presented with a 35-member ensemble from Sinfonietta Cracovia. New live visuals have also been commissioned for “Nommos”, a collaboration between Portugal’s Pedro Maia and Norwegians Stian Smestad and Frode Fjedingstad. Grouper, one of the most most venerated ambient/experimental musicians, will play what is only her second show in Poland since her 2009 appearance at Unsound, in a special set with filmmaker Paul Clipson.

Marii Konopnickiej 17, Kraków
  • Grouper & Paul Clipson
  • Craig Leon