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Photo of Alice Chang Hei Sheng / 張惠笙 & Dutch E Germ


Alice Chang Hei Sheng / 張惠笙 & Dutch E Germ

Tainan-based Alice Hui-sheng Chang is a sound improviser, art therapist and co-founder of sound organization Ting Shuo Hear Say. Alice weaves between the many facets of her practice with a focus on social connections, togetherness, and the possibilities of non-lingual communication.

Endlessly curious and often challenging, the music that drummer/producer and Gang Gang Dance co-founder Tim Dewit makes as Dutch E Germ has cemented his reputation as a revered figure in Brooklyn’s underground electronic music world. Currently a resident in Taipei for three years, he has started collaborating with local experimental artists.

The collaboration between Alice and Dutch E Germ is an attempt at bringing rooted human voice together with electronic experiments.