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The largest part of the 2012 Unsound discussion program is presented with The Wire.

Resident Advisor are presenting two RA Exchange talks, while the Red Bull Music Academy is putting on an Info Session with Theo Parrish.

Other elements are presented by Blackest Ever Black and the Polish magazine Glissando.

All talks are free and presented at Bunkier Sztuki.

Q&A with Andy Votel, presented with The Wire
15.10.12 // 17:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
Andy Votel is a crate digger's crate digger, delving deeper than just about anyone else into obscure and forgotten music, which he releases on his Finders Keepers label - including soundtracks by Polish composer Andrzej Korzyński. He discusses this, the ideas behind his label, and will also talk about what "THE END" means to him personally and in popular / outer-edges culture. In conversation with Philip Sherburne.
Tickets: Free
The End of the Notion of the Artist, presented with Glissando
16.10.12 // 15:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
The days when we celebrated the birthdays of our favourite artists are gone. Today we often don't know their real names - and frequently it is unclear if they even exist (Ursula Bogner, anyone?). But is this important? With Piotr Tkacz, Filip Lech, Agata Pyzik, and Andżelika Kaczorowska. In Polish.
Tickets: Free
Presentation: Slouching Toward Toddlerdom, presented with The Wire
16.10.12 // 17:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
The three-fold fact of mass unemployment, Willow Smith and fetal wolves spells only one thing: an end of the world in a different key than we’ve ever seen. Tracking back through a century and a half of our most recurrent apocalyptic fantasies, author Evan Calder Williams looks ahead from salvagepunk - the rediscovery of old hatreds in the scrapped and wasted - to its horrifying and fresh-faced successor.
Tickets: Free
Q&A with Stuart Argabright, presented with Blackest Ever Black
17.10.12 // 14:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
Stuart Argabright, founder of Ike Yard and Black Rain, discusses NYC's multiple "ends" in film, books, music and reality to possible ends of the world. Argabright, who recorded the aftermath of 9/11 from atop his building in Lower Manhattan, will also touch upon street survival in NYC, surviving a suitcase nuke attack in an urban area and the development of the nuclear hand grenade. Kiran Sande, head of Blackest Ever Black, leads the talk.
Tickets: Free
Collaborations I - Q&A with Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin, presented with The Wire
17.10.12 // 15:45 // Bunkier Sztuki
In the spring of 2012, two leading names in electronic music Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin (OPN) came together in Brooklyn to record. Their work will be the first in the SSTUDIOS series to be released on Software, focusing on out/free jazz/electronic collaborations. Performing live for the first time at Unsound, Hecker and Lopatin discuss their collaboration and more.
Tickets: Free
Panel: Music Industry Circa Now: Flatline or New Horizon?, presented with The Wire
17.10.12 // 17:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
Music journalists, label heads and artists discuss the current condition of the music industry. Is it in collapse, or slowly being reborn? Moderated by Andy Battaglia.
Tickets: Free
There Will Come Soft Rains, Presented With The Wire
18.10.12 // 13:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
Author Dave Tompkins presents a rare recording of the Ray Bradbury BBC radio adaptation of "There Will Come Soft Rains," about the last automated house standing on Mars after a nuclear holocaust. Produced by the Radiophonic Workshop in 1977, and composed with analogue synth and vocoder by the late great Malcolm Clarke.
Tickets: Free
Collaborations II – Q&A: Biosphere, Lustmord & MFO on TRINITY, presented with The Wire
18.10.12 // 14:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
Geir Jenssen (Biosphere) and Brian Williams (Lustmord) discuss the Unsound-commissioned project "TRINITY", which saw the artists travel to the New Mexico desert to record sound, image and explore archives connected with the first tests of the atomic weapon. Marcel Weber (from MFO) talks about the creation of the project's visual component. Andy Battaglia leads the conversation.
Tickets: Free
Presentation: Where Does a Circle End? Magick and Pop Music in Britain, 1888-1978, presented with The Wire
18.10.12 // 16:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
Mark Pilkington explores British occultism's origins in the bohemian groves of late 19th century London, and charts its impact on popular music and some of its players. This is a story as much about the death and transformation of the magic arts as it is about their origins - concluding with the advent of punk and the chaos magick movement, both of which tore down the altars of music and magic in their wake.
Tickets: Free
RA Live Exchange with Hieroglyphic Being, presented with Resident Advisor
18.10.12 // 17:15 // Bunkier Sztuki
In collaboration with Resident Advisor, Unsound presents two RA Live Exchange talks, part of a conversation with artists, labels and promoters shaping the electronic music landscape. Speaking with two of the acts performing at Unsound 2012 will be RA editor-in-chief Todd L. Burns. This Exchange features Hieroglyphic Being.
Tickets: Free
Panel: Talking About The End, presented with The Wire
19.10.12 // 13:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
What is "The End"? A round-table panel stares down a question for the ages and mulls the end of music, the end of style, the end of aesthetic ghettoization, the end of festivals, the end of history, the end of the-end-of-history, the end of public space, the end of private space, the end of the world, the end of times.
Tickets: Free
RA Live Exchange with Demdike Stare, presented with Resident Advisor
19.10.12 // 14:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
The second of two RA Live Exchange talks. This talk features Demdike Stare, discussing – among other things – their Unsound-commissioned work “Concealed.” RA editor-in-chief Todd L. Burns leads the conversation.
Tickets: Free
Presentation: The Beat Who Cheated Death: Endless Low End in Miami, presented with The Wire
19.10.12 // 15:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
Dave Tompkins presents a cultural, geological and political history of 1980s Miami, propagating from bass. A distortion of terms and technology to recording engineers, “sustained decay” speaks to properties of 808 bass as well as a sub-history of Miami’s foundation and development – from microscopic fossils to man-made beaches, riots and roller-rinks to cocaine, coral reefs and a U-boat attack in 1942.
Tickets: Free
Red Bull Music Academy Session with Theo Parrish
19.10.12 // 17:30 // Bunkier Sztuki
Detroit House legend Theo Parrish is performing in Poland for the first time at Unsound 2012, presented by Red Bull Music Academy. In conversation with Krakow DJ Eltron John - an RBMA graduate - he offers insight into the philosophy / working methods behind his productions and unique DJ sets.
Tickets: Free
Panel: H+ // music, presented with Glissando Magazine
20.10.12 // 13:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
The end of humanity as we know it, and a dawn of a new technological utopia? Posthumanism is a cultural movement glorifying human beings' ability to constantly challenge their own boundaries. Today many artists strive towards a sound that cancels fixed identities: electronic/acoustic, natural/artificial, Eastern/Western, human/non-human - and technology works in their favour. Krakow's own hauntologist Olga Drenda and Jacek Plewicki from Glissando magazine discuss this topic with guests to be announced.
Tickets: Free
Workshop: Bring the noise!, presented with Glissando Magazine and Muzykoteka Szkolna
21.10.12 // 13:00 // Bunkier Sztuki
An experimental workshop curated by Muzykoteka Szkolna and The National Audiovisual Institute. Encouraging you to reject your daily role as a passive listener, Bartek Kalinka (of XV Parówek) helps you gain rudimentary knowledge on how to find your voice with noise and prepare not-so-musical compositions. You can bring your own tools - instruments, effects, toys, whatever you feel sounds good or bad - but it's not obligatory. The focus is on children and teenagers, but adults are welcome too.
Tickets: Free
Selected events
20.10 // Engineering Museum // Krakow
19.10 // Feniks // Kraków
THE FINDER CANNOT UNSEE ONCE IT HAS BEEN SEEN, Presented with PAN and CTM: Ben Vida Helm Black Rain & Kotra

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