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Photo of Rolando Hernández Guzmán


Rolando Hernández Guzmán

Although specialised in sound research, his artistic practice is centered in the development of long-breath researches turned later in scores, texts, performances, theater pieces, music, videos, documentaries, archive projects, etc. Standing out projects include CCADDASM, an artistic institution creating a historiographical sculpture about sound practices in Mexico (2015– to the date); Exomológesis, a history about contrition (2019– to the date); Amoxohtoca, a thesis on mnemonic traditions, non phonetic vocabularies, and composition as an autonomous field (2014– to the date) ¿Qué es la voz cuando sus elementos desaparecen? a critical research on the concept of voice (2012– to the date) and Imagínate todo aquello que no podrías imaginarte nunca, a Multi-Plattform research about art and music experimentation during the 80s in Mexico City (2016 to the date).

Since 2013, he is the co-director and curator of Umbral, a project space and international festival based in Mx City

He is currently part of the monthly programs of Radio Alhara (Palestine) and Radio CASo (Argentina) as well as part of the transamerican collective, UHM.