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Unsound STORE

Unsound STORE

Order the Unsound Intermission book and album.

The Unsound INTERMISSION book and digital album is a response to the upheavals of 2020. Together they explore the contradictions and tensions embodied in the word “intermission”, since this year is a pause, yet not a pause, a year of before and after. The album can be experienced as a digital download on its own, or as part of a set with the book of essays. Each is deeply entangled with the other, sometimes directly, at other times indirectly. 

We have set advance sales of the book and the album at a specific price or above, in order to help fund their creation, as well as support Unsound Krakow’s ongoing endeavours, including this year’s online program, which will be almost entirely free of charge.

If you prefer, you can also head to our Patreon page, to support the festival, book and digital album in that way.

The book and album will be released on 5th March 2021.