Foris is the second chapter in the Ephemera series, connecting scent, sound and image through an immersive installation created by Chris Watson, Geza Schoen and MFO. Exploring the idea of preserving endangered ecosystems in the era of the anthropocene, as well as the artificiality of recreating natural spaces, this multichannel installation connects Watson's field recordings of habitats from across the planet with the olfactory concept of a forest created by Geza Schoen, while MFO creates an immersive environment using light and haze.

Each Foris session has limited capacity, requiring the purchase of a ticket not included in the Unsound festival pass. You can see the installation every day of the festival at 1:30pm, 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Tickets are available here.

Studio Vintage / Kamienna 12

ul. Kamienna 12

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