Important Information on Revelations Show in Wieliczka

Transport From Kraków to Wieliczka

Trains from Kraków Główny station to Wieliczka departing on:

17:09 and 17:39

From Wieliczka to Kraków:

Free shuttle from the Wieliczka to Hotel Forum departing on:

21:35, 21:55, 22:15, 22:35 and 22:55

This unannounced event features lighting effects and high volume, and as it also takes place in a space underground is not advisable for anyone suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia, blood pressure issues or panic attacks. Smoking underground is prohibited, and there is no option to go back outside unless you wish to leave the venue - so please take this into consideration. Finally, remember to wear flat comfortable shoes.

As per out Surprise theme, we’re inviting you this year to what is possibly the most unique venue Unsound has ever used - the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine. Here, two unannounced concerts will take place in a ballroom buried over 100 meters underground.

It’s an elaborate undertaking that needs preparation not only from us, but also relies on your patience and understanding.

Wieliczka is located about 20 minutes away from Kraków, and the best way to reach it is by train. You should have received by now an email from Ticketpro regarding the reservation of Koleje Małopolskie train tickets for certain times - 17:09 and 17:39. After making a declaration, you can buy these tickets in our festival office. If you haven’t received this email, please contact us at [email protected] for info.

If you prefer, you may take the 304 bus, a taxi, arrive with a different train or drive by yourself, but in that case we cannot guarantee you will arrive on time to see the first act, due to traffic jams or queues.

It’s crucial to arrive on site early, as it will take around 90 minutes to get everybody underground, before the first live show starts. This is because there is only one elevator shaft which can take a limited number of people at once. We hope that the character of this event and the artists that will play for you will compensate for the inconvenience, and you will regard it as an adventure!

DJ Richard will play a special ambient/experimental set as you gradually enter. A restaurant will also be open for you, in a room adjacent to the concert room.

There is also the possibility of taking an extended tour of the salt mine that incorporates a spectacular church carved out of salt. If you choose to do this, you will arrive earlier, and finish up at the ballroom where the shows will take place at the end of your tour - meaning you won't have to join the line to enter for the Unsound show. For more info as well as ticket prices for the tour, please also contact us at [email protected]

We’ve also organised transport on the way back. You will be taken straight from the salt mine to Hotel Forum, with the first bus arriving right in time for the first show in Room 1. For exact times of departure, see the green box above. Note that patience will also be required in terms of leaving the venue, as it will again take time.

Thank you for the understanding and hope you will have a wonderful, adventurous evening and festival,

The Unsound Team

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