KRAKÓW, 12-19.10.2014 r.

  1. Entry to the event venues will only be authorized upon presentation of a Ticket. In the case of a Weekly or Weekend pass, the Ticket must be exchanged for a wrist band and ID at the festival office and entry to venues shall only be authorized upon presentation of an Identifier permanently fastened on the wrist of the attendee. The attendee may also be asked to produce the festival ID. Special events require the purchase of a ticket on top of the festival pass.

  2. Tickets are sold exclusively at authorized points of sales at Ticketpro and Festival Office, as well as at the door to venues if available. Tickets may be sold at the price printed on the Ticket exclusively. The resale of Tickets at prices higher than that printed on the Ticket is prohibited.

  3. Only original Tickets purchased in accordance with the above Rules and Regulations may be exchanged for Identifiers. Tickets purchased in violation of the above Rules and
    Regulations may be nullified by the Organizers without reimbursement.

  4. Regardless of the fulfillment of items 1–3, admission to event venues will refused to any persons:

    a) who lack an Identifier or ticket,
    b) who are under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychoactive substances, or other substance with similar effects
    c) who are carrying weapons or other objects, or alcohol
    d) who are behaving in an aggressive or provocative fashion, or in any other way that constitutes a safety or security hazard to the Event,
    e) who cannot be identified due to their appearance,
    f) who are carrying plastic or glass containers or cans, etc.
    g) who are carrying other dangerous objects,
    h) who cannot present valid identification or festival ID when required.

  5. Objects shall be deemed dangerous at the discretion of the Security And Information Personnel.

  6. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event venues are required to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others present at the Event, and are especially
    required to obey the provisions of these Rules and Regulations.

  7. Event Attendees who are pass holders are required to wear a valid Identifier on their wrists. The lack of an Identifier, or an Identifier that is torn or damaged, as well as an Identifier that is not fastened around the wrist constitute unequivocal grounds for the removal of the Attendee from the Event venues.

  8. Security And Information Personnel are permitted to:

a) check Attendees’ authorization to attend the Event,
b) ask Attendees to present ID,
c) examine the clothing and luggage of Attendees if suspected of carrying into a venue anything listed in point 10,
d) determine a person’s authorization to attend the Event, and in the case of the lack of such authorization, to ask said person to leave the Event,
e) issue security instructions to persons disturbing public order, and in case of refusal to cooperate, ask said person to leave the Event,
f) apply physical force in the form of restraining locks and similar defense techniques in the case of a threat to the property with which the Security Personnel have been entrusted, or to resist an attack against Security Personnel or another person, in accordance with article 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997 on the protection of persons and property,
g) apprehend persons posing a direct threat to the life and health of others and protected property, with the purpose of immediate transfer of said persons to the Police.

  1. Security And Information Personnel are required to remove from the Event venues persons whose behavior disturbs public order or violates the Rules and Regulations.

  2. It is forbidden to bring in and carry the following at the Event:

a) weapons or other dangerous objects,
b) explosives,
c) fireworks,
d) materials that may cause a fire hazard,
e) alcoholic beverages,
f) narcotics and psychoactive substances.

  1. It is forbidden to provide services, trade, or conduct any other commercial activity at the Event venues without the consent of the Organizers.

  2. Should the inspected luggage or clothing be found to contain objects that are forbidden to be brought into or carried at the Event, Security And Information Personnel may refuse entry to the person with whom the said items have been found, or remove the person from the Event venues.

  3. Persons who have been refused entry into the Event or removed from the Event venues shall not be reimbursed for their Ticket or any other claims.

  4. A purchased Ticket cannot be exchanged or returned. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel the Event without prior notice. The Organizers will not be required to provide any
    reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to Ticket bearers, aside from the price printed on the Ticket for the canceled Event.

  5. The Organizer reserves the right to decide and amend the program of the Event with just cause, as well as the right to decide and amend the list of performers and scheduling of the program without prior consultation, reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to the Ticket bearer.

  6. Event Attendees and others present at the Event venues may be subject to prolonged exposure to sound levels that may cause hearing damage. Attendees participate in the Event at their own risk. Those particularly at risk include pregnant women and persons suffering from epilepsy.

  7. The Organizers shall not be held responsible for Force Majeure. Force Majeure shall be considered any event that lies beyond the control of the Organizers and which makes the
    fulfillment of the Organizers responsibilities and duties impossible. The following shall especially be considered Force Majeure: atmospheric conditions (e.g. rainfall, hot weather), breakdowns or disruptions of the equipment providing electricity, heating, and lighting, and actions undertaken by national or local authorities with regards to laws, policies, and rules that affect the fulfillment of the above responsibilities and/or duties, as well as any extraordinary social, economical, political, or legal phenomena (changes).

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