13 - 16 OCTOBER

Once again, the UK audio-visual duo Jigoku have put together a film program for Unsound, drawing largely from their obscure VHS And Betamax video collection.

Screened at Kino Pod Baranami, the series kicks off with an all-night movie marathon at midnight on 12th October,
then follows with a film each night. Films are either in English or with English subtitles, and can be found in the program schedule.

Here is a statement from the curators: “And so, another year another unique Jigoku film programme for Unsound. For our fourth collaboration with the festival we have dug hard and deep. When asked to programme a theme around conspiracies and interference our initial reaction was one of excitement and bewilderment - excitement at the challenge of undertaking such a theme, bewilderment at the notion of where to begin. The titles selected for this year’s programme encompass the obsessive multi-genre viewing traits we have always adhered to - therefore art-house clashes with counterculture, cross fertilising with motifs of the political, macabre, verite and exploitation. We have chosen movies that inherently jumble narrative traits into a jagged pill that defies diagnosis. That said, despite the multi-genre threads underpinning this years program, within each narrative grain there is a consistent theme of ‘normality’ being suffocated by chaotic shards - creating confusion, paranoia, erasure of identity, loss of power and ultimately selfdestruction. We hope you like this year’s programme as much as we have enjoyed sourcing
these esoteric, eclectic prints. Long Live the New Flesh.... “

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