Biosphere & Lustmord present: Trinity

TRINITY is the latest in an ongoing series of projects specially commissioned for Unsound. This unusual collaboration between Lustmord and Biosphere explores, in sound and visuals (by MFO), the first tests of nuclear weapons in the New Mexico desert. Lustmord and Biosphere travelled to the White Sands Missile Range and Los Alamos to research and make field recordings at the start of 2012 and then presented the project's world premiere at Unsound Festival New York this past April. Jon Pareles of The New York Times wrote: "Lustmord and Biosphere are kindred spirits, masters of ominous ambience: enveloping, murky, ultra-slow-motion music. 'Trinity' filled the room with tectonic rumbles and gradual whooshes, with tolling crashes followed by silences, with air-raid sirens, with claustrophobically thick cluster chords that were sometimes electronic and sometimes orchestral…" Krakow is a fitting location for the European premiere of TRINITY, considering it was Unsound that coaxed Lustmord into performing his second-ever show in three decades in 2010, and it was here Biosphere and Lustmord first met.

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