Leyland James Kirby is already familiar to Unsound audiences for performances under his own name as well as The Caretaker. As V/VM, Kirby holds a deforming mirror up to the face of popular music; hits by Robbie Williams, Chris De Burgh and John Lennon are reflected mutated, misshapen forms. V/VM is also not afraid to lash out at the electronic music underground, taking broad swipes and targeted jabs at the music industry in all its forms. With this being heir first proper appearance since 2006, Unsound 2012 is a rare chance to witness one of V/VM’s live shows, full of sheer absurdity, ear-ravaging sound collages and grotesque violence. Add to the fact that this is a sit-down event in a vast cinema, and anything might happen; the especially prepare show is called “Proper Kaput” – and thus fitting in with Usound's 2012 theme: "THE END".


Angels |video|

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