Hey Convict!

Hey Convict! are Tamas Jones & Jason Evans. Having previously thrown-down records, both separately and together, alongside some of the worlds most crazed disco devils (Danny Wang , Brennan Green, Robi Headman, Munk) the two banded together dring the long hot Australian summer of 2004 to host a series of marathon Sunday rooftop parties.

On top of a windy inner-city Melbourne building, man, woman and child would gather to sacrifice booze 'n' sausages, all paying worship to the cosmic deities of the Australian sun. Once fattie had belted out her tune, the Convicts would drag their raggedy sound system down to the studio below, don dry t-shirts, light the old smoking lamp and continue to get funky like a train with whatever records they could rustle up. TIME TO NOODLE (2006) which sold out in both the UK and Japan and making Piccadilly Records' top 10 best mixes of the year as well as DRUNKEN CHICKEN (2007) are the results of such sessions.

Just for their friends at Unsound, the lava lights have been temporarily switched back on with their latest mix MILKY BEACH SETTLERS, on M Division Recordings.

In 2009 Hey Convict released their debut 12" on Golf Channel Recordings, news has it they've teamed up with Krautrocker Dominik Van Senger once again for a follow up release plus a new project for M Division. Wide-eyed disco drama, psychedelic guitars tied together by the taught heartbeat of house music. They've played PS1 Warm Up's 10th anniversary alongside James Chance & The Contortions, Beats In Space radio show (twice), APT NY, and DJ Spun's Mangiami party, to name a few... Their DJ sets are never the same thing twice, yet always a good time. Shake your shackles and get loose!


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